Good Morning Feuer Family,

I’m a year late, as you can tell being a NURSE gets you busy. Anyways I wanted to share my NCLEX experience. Back in June of 2014 I took the NCLEX for the first time. I graduated April, and I wanted to sit for the boards as soon as possible.

People told me that the longer I waited the chances of me passing wouldn’t be as high as if i took it right after I graduated.  So when i was studying for the NCLEX its as if i was doing nursing school all over. My program offered us Kaplan, and yes its a good program. I Felt that their main focus was a technique on how to pass the test. It may work for some people and it may not. I feel like you can’t pass a test with just technique, you need a good foundation and a reason as to WHY you are picking the answer. So when i took the NCLEX back in June I went all the way up to 265 questions. That was the most stressful time! I kept thinking to myself…”IM DOING GOOD IF I’M STILL GETTING QUESTIONS…..THERES HOPE”.  5.5 hours later and a full bladder the computer finally turned off. I KNEW I FAILED. I automatically went into hiding for 2 days, going on ALL NURSES to find out my next steps to take after I found out I failed. 48 hours later I saw in ALL CAPS…FAIL. I was depressed and I felt like my whole life shut down.

I’ve never heard of Feuer before, the only reason I found out about Feuer was because of my mom. She came from the Philippines in 1994 and her sister who took Feuer encouraged her to do the same. October 1994 she passed her NCLEX. At first I didn’t want to do Feuur because I felt that Kaplan gave me the tools I needed. I came home one day from the library with a packed bag and a ticket to go to NYX (I’m from Florida) and a letter from Feuer about the class I’m enrolled in for September of 2014. YES MY MOM MADE ME GO. I was upset, but sucked it up because the class  and my ticket to go was paid for. First day of class I sat in the 2nd row. I LEARNED more about medical surgical in 2 days than the 2 semesters in nursing school. The teachers were AMAZING they made learning fun and entertaining. All the teachers I had were just amazing, you can tell they are very passionate by the amount of knowledge they had. I hated Psych in school and I was dreading the day Feuer reviewed Psych… but it turned out to be the BEST day I had there. I remember sitting and Ms.Feuer read us a letter that someone wrote to her, it gave me hope… because that person failed the first time too. It made me feel like I wasn’t the only one. I came back home and did ALL the question the Feuer gave me. When October 2014 came… I sat for the boards a 2nd time. I was ready! I took my test at 8am by 8;45am i was DONE yes… 75 questions under 45 minutes….. HOLY COW THAT TEST WAS EASY!!!!! I thought I failed because of how EASY IT WAS! I did ALL the questions Feuer offered. going all the way to NYC was the BEST GIFT my mom could ever do for me.

I hope you’ll be able to share my story, because sitting in that classroom and hearing someone else story about failing and passing the 2nd time helped so much.


K. Sawyer, RN