Graduating from nursing school is a huge accomplishment – congratulations! The next challenge to having the nursing career you’re dreaming of is passing the NCLEX test. To celebrate another successful year, we’re sharing a few of our students’ personal stories. We hope these success stories will inspire you to be successful too.


Leopold, with a magnificent mane

Leopold made a career change to become a nurse in his late 40s. As he proudly wore his graduation gown, Leopold thought about finding a review course to help him pass the NCLEX and find a job. That’s when fate intervened in the form of an ad in a Caribbean newspaper. Feuer Nursing Review was going to have a live NCLEX Review class in New York City.

Excited to start on his new career path, Leopold wasted no time signing up for the course and shifted his work schedule to accommodate it. After attending each day of the course and focusing on the material presented, Leopold used the Feuer Nursing Review Study Calendar as a guide to prepare himself for the test. The day of the exam, he felt fully prepared and confident of his knowledge. He passed the NCLEX and now has the nursing career he’s always wanted.


Portrait of Lola,

Lola’s story may sound familiar to many of you. She felt like she’d been working hard to pass her NCLEX yet remained unsuccessful. Despite two failed attempts, Lola remained determined to pass the exam. After a friend told her about Feuer Nursing Review, Lola signed up for a live review in Miami. When the review was over she used the advice from the professors and study materials to prepare. Lola again took the NCLEX. This time, she passed! Lola never gave up on her dream and neither should you.


A smiling woman with dark hair,

Denise was terrified about taking the NCLEX. She was afraid she wouldn’t pass, that the questions would be too hard, or that she’d study the wrong information.  To help combat her fear, Denise signed up for a Feuer Nursing Review Class. Beginning in June, Denise worked through all the materials provided in the class.

Guided by the information, CDs and practice questions, Denise was able to focus on the most important information. In August, she passed the NCLEX and remarked that the FNR review questions she studied were harder than those on the NCLEX, meaning she was more than prepared for the actual test.


Man has practiced cardiopulmonary

At 32 weeks pregnant, Nwaokomah wasn’t sure if she’d be able to withstand the rigors of studying for her NCLEX, even with the help of a live review course. When she signed up for Feuer Nursing Review, Nwaokomah realized that the material and the way it was presented was so captivating that any exhaustion from her pregnancy wouldn’t be a problem. For her, the most memorable part of the course was when an instructor presented certain types of questions and said “if you see these kinds of questions you know you are passing.”

On exam day, Nwaokomah repeatedly saw those types of questions and heard her instructor’s words in her head. What a confidence booster! A week later, she got the letter in the mail – she passed!

We’re so proud of these students and all of our students for their perseverance and excitement for pursuing a career in Nursing. We’re honored to have been a part of their success and wish them all the best of luck in everything they do.

Happy Holidays & Have A Healthy New Year!

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