struggling but determined to reach the top

My journey of taking my NCLEX-RN hasn’t been easy. Just imagine failing it not just once, but four times. Well, to start, applying for NCLEX was hard and took a long time process since I am an international student who graduated from outside the county, the Philippines is where I finished my Nursing. I’ve waited one year before I actually got my first ATT (authorization to work). I was so excited that I decided I register as soon as I got it. I even told my family and friends who were also thrilled to lean that I can now take the exams. I studied for a month and took the test and I FAILED. I was devastated, I decided to go to the Philippines to get a 2 months extensive review, I have to be honest that everything I’ve learned or most of what I’ve learned is due to this review center that I have attended, then, I came back, took the test the second time and failed again! So I studied, reviewing my notes this time. I focused on the content and once more I failed again, so I decided to enroll in one of NCLEX-RN review online courses. I studied, literally everything, whatever resources I got I studied and memorized. I did a few Q&A I did what I think I need to do in order to pass, giving my 101% best or possible ways I think which could help to pass my exams, thinking they could help me, and with 189 items the computer stopped on my 4th take, tried the trick and learned I failed once more. I crashed, depressed, felt unfair about life. I spent so much, not just money, but also time and energy. That was Oct. 29th, 2013. I relaxed and stopped thinking about NCLEX and started thinking about other options. New Year passed and it’s 2014, I started to read blogs, then one thing hit me, “It doesn’t matter how you get there, what matters is you’ll get there.” Oh yeah, he is absolutely right. I can’t give up not now and not ever. I know I’m good and I believe I will be a better nurse. So, I enrolled in FEUER, March here in New York, I took the advice from the Feuer rep. I didn’t take the exam right away. I maximized my schedule. I read my content and books prior my NCLEX and I focused on Q&A. I went to church the day before, putting my 100% trust in God. I surrendered myself to HIM, and I didn’t study the day before. I went out with my husband and friends then, by morning I went to church to pray, went to the test center feeling confident, worry free and stress free. The computer shuts off at 265 questions, I went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral to pray once more and on Wednesday June 4th, I learned I pass my NCLEX-RN. I’m happy to say I am now Emmalyn Malagar, RN. Thank GOD for His guidance and to Feuer who helped me learn to answer and pass the NCLEX exam. The key to success is to believe:

Good luck and God bless! Feuer Nursing Review thank you for helping me succeed and fulfill; my dreams to be a Registered Nurse and just looked me I hope you will continue helping other students whose dreams is also to become an official and certified Registered Nurse – God bless you more!

– Emmalyn Malagar, RN