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Our Mission

Our mission is to help repeat test takers and foreign trained nurses pass the NCLEX®-RN/LPN exam. Our comprehensive content review course is designed to decrease test anxiety, instill self confidence, and consistently deliver great results. We strive to empower Nursing students from diverse backgrounds to overcome their obstacles and reach their potential.

Get the help you need to pass the NCLEX RN Review

Every year about 315,000 trained nurses nationwide take the NCLEX RN and LPN exam, but nearly 87,500 students fail (NCSBN, 2019). That’s almost 28 percent! What can you do to improve your odds and be well prepared to face this challenging exam with confidence?

Feuer Nursing Review's courses give the students the confidence they need to pass.
No matter if it's the first time you're taking the test or you're having to repeat it, our expert faculty will teach you how to apply essential concepts and principles when answering NCLEX®-style questions.


Comprehensive review courses for RNs and LPNs to gain a solid foundation of all the test content.


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Clearly explained content and practical application to different clinical scenarios.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Most students get nervous when taking nursing exams. This is particularly true when it comes to preparing for the NCLEX.

This is understandable considering the NCLEX is a difficult exam to pass, one that is designed to test the student ability to analyze nursing knowledge and apply it to Nursing practice. These critical thinking skills are not taught in all Nursing programs. As a result students need to prepare with an NCLEX review that will provide them with that key critical component to be well prepared.

A good NCLEX RN review will decrease test anxiety, boost self confidence, focus on important concepts and offer the most up to date content and practice questions.

While every student should enroll in an NCLEX review course, all courses are not alike. When choosing the right review course, focus on the quality of the course.

Students make a significant financial commitment when taking an NCLEX review course. So,it is in their best interest to choose carefully.

Feuer NCLEX review reinforces what students have already learned, fill in knowledge gaps and teaches them how to apply content to Nursing practice. It also provides a realistic and effective study plan to manage time efficiently.

Taking NCLEX online reviews is an effective study method for students who want the flexibility to study on their own time, save money and have access to content and practice questions an unlimited number of times. These are great online learning benefits for all students preparing for their NCLEX, especially for repeat test takers, international educated nurses and adult learners.

Benefits of Feuer NCLEX online

  • Consolidates large amounts of content into easy to remember chapters
  • Clearly explains basic key concepts to build a solid knowledge base
  • Teaches you how to apply these concepts when answering NCLEX style questions
  • Analyzes NCLEX style practice questions
  • Reinforces what you already learned in Nursing school
  • Fills in knowledge gaps
  • Provides an organized and effective study plan to decrease test anxiety and increase self confidence.

How You Can Pass The NCLEX Test

Remember: The NCLEX is a challenging test not an impossible test that you can pass with :

  • A Positive Mindset

  • Right NCLEX Review Course

  • Commitment

  • A Belief In Yourself