“Hi guys, My name is Sethina and I finally by the Grace of God passed my NCLEX-RN on 10/31.

As an international student, I struggled to think critically and with content which lead me to Feuer Nursing Review.

On 9/18, I attended Feuer classes and it was such a blessing during those 4 days. I payed attention to all that was said and followed the instructions we were given.

After the class was over, I used the days before the test to go through all the books we were given in class and the online access we were given.

On my test day,I was excited to finally stop studying but nervous and anxious all at the same time. I said a little prayer and started the test, after 4hours my test shut off at 75 questions. Just like most people, I thought I failed again and was even scared to do the Pearson vue trick so I waited till Saturday 11/2 and I found out that I passed! Glory be to God.

To all future RNs and LPNs, please make sure you know your content first before doing questions and above all don’t Forget to pray through out your entire NCLEX journey!

To Mrs Angelica Feuer, God bless you for dedicating your time and energy into helping us get our license. I’m forever grateful.”