I graduated nursing school 2012 in the Philippines with a BSN degree.

When I was in my Military Occupational Specialty School, going back to school made me realize that I can do more for my future if I also work as a Registered Nurse. So when it was time for me to go back to New York, I decided to redirect my goals and go back to studying for NCLEX, look for a Nursing Review that is convenient and has the best of my interest and that is how I found Feuer Nursing Review.

  1. Feuer Nursing Review has a classroom setting review, especially for Pharmacology class which is my weakness.
  2. The classroom setting is backed up by the online review which has more than enough materials to study for NCLEX.
  3. Feuer Nursing Review instructors helped me build up my confidence and stamina in taking the test.

Based on my experience, I would advise that the more you delay taking the test, the more you lose your confidence and knowledge that you build up in nursing school. The instructors are there to help you in your life journey and use the given materials not just as a guide but as stepping stone to reach a milestone in your career.

LCpl Christopher Q Dumayag

United States Marine Corps Reserve, 6th Communications Batallion, Direct Support Company

Civilian Registered Nurse