Dear students, I graduated 7 years ago from an associates degree (RN program), and took this amazing Feuer nursing review in NYC in March of 2019. Being a repeat test taker this program offered me a complete review of the entire materials required by NCLEX. The 3.5 days in NYC were presented, taught and explained by real professors, ….incredible professors, that made this test look like a piece of cake, because their explanations were so precise and they covered the materials very well. The professors also taught us how to study with understanding rather than memorizing. Memorizing means short term memory! I have studied 2-4 h a day, as Angelica Feuer, the president of the program recommended me to do. Angelica is an amazing person with an enormous knowledge, love, care and compassion towards any student. She guided me and cheered me up and reminded me that I want to be a registered nurse, and that I have to finish my studying and pass NCLEX exam, After 7 years I passed NCLEX with Feuer Review Nursing with 75 questions only. I am thankful that I took this course and that I continued the 3 months program online after the 3.5 days classes ended in NYC. I truly recommend this program to all RN/LPN students, repeat test takers because, if you study this program, you will pass 100% sure. Please never give up, follow your heart and study, you will succeed! I am a wife, a mother and I work and take care of my mother, and I passed NCLEX with Feuer nursing review! You can do it too! All my blessings to you! Thank you Feuer Nursing!