Feuer Nursing Review helped a great deal in helping me pass the NCLEX-RN exam! Take note that it is the only NCLEX review program that I attended. It was worth every penny. Not only were we able to benefit from the live lectures but most importantly the online video lectures and quizzes. The online access allowed me to study at my own pace and return to challenging topics any time. The most impressive thing about this review is the fact that the content and concepts that were lectured during the live sessions were up to date. As we all know, science is constantly evolving with new evidenced-based research which means nurses must be knowledgeable with these new interventions. Most importantly, I admire the fact that Mrs. Feuer was hands-on with the students. She takes the time to hear everyone’s concerns and makes sure that all her students are well-taken care of. I cannot thank this program enough because it helped me achieve my dream of becoming a registered nurse.

I studied by understanding the content, watching the online video lectures, researching concepts I do not understand, writing important concepts on a post-it or index card, and answering a LOT of practice questions.

For those who are studying for the NCLEX, my advise is to just put in the hard work and study, study, study. As cliche as it may sound, do not give up because you already graduated nursing school and the only thing standing from it is the NCLEX. If you were able to finish nursing school, you are capable of passing the NCLEX! PREPARATION is key in passing the NCLEX and how you prepare depends individually. However, you should be able to enter the testing room knowing that you did EVERYTHING you could to study for this test and that you can answer whatever question they throw at you. Yes, it is impossible to memorize and know every single detail but the most important thing is you know enough to be able to select the correct answer. Last piece of advice is just believe in yourself because you can!

Thank You,

Paulina R. Cruz