My journey through the NCLEX RN was not an easy one. It took me three years and three tries to finally pass after graduation! I tried multiple courses as well as used multiple books and other resources to aide me in accomplishing my goal but my end result always came back the same…FAIL. One day I came across Feuer review and decided to give it a try. During each class I was engaged in learning each topic and motivated to work hard towards passing this monster of an exam. The one crucial difference in Feuer review from the others was that Feuer really give you what you need to pass instead of just touching the surface or focusing on strategies or making you do all the work. Instead Feuer gives you great resources to help you along in this venture. My tips for those that may be struggling with this exam or may be taking it for the first time is to study seriously, tell yourself it is ok not to know everything, understand how to critically think, and do your best. Feuer Review will only give you the foundation you need to prepare you for this exam but it is up to you to actually study, practice (doing questions from a good q bank) and have confidence in yourself. Take it from me, I passed at 75 after three years and three tries, so can you too with Feuer Review!

Good luck to you all, God Bless and thank-you Feuer Review!