NCLEX-RN® Live Online Lecture with Printed Books

Join our NCLEX-RN® Live Online Lecture supplemented with NCLEX RN printed books. Access interactive sessions and comprehensive printed materials.

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NOTE: Please Register early to ensure that your books will arrive before the start of the class. You may register any time before the class begins. Books take 3-5 days to arrive to your home.

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What’s Included?

  • 4 days of Live Online Lecture
  • Followed by 2 months of Self-Paced Online Course
  • 2 months of access to the lecture recordings
  • 3 Printed Study Books (which will be mailed to you)
  • 2000+ Practice Questions
  • Certificate of Completion (upon request)

Course Schedule: 9 am to 5 pm EST

Day 1 | Medical Surgical Nursing Part 1

Day 2 | Medical Surgical Nursing Part 2

Day 3 | Pharmacology

Day 4 | Test Taking Strategies

This course includes a non-refundable $50 fee which covers the 3 printed lecture books.



  1. Bridget Mordi

    The encouragement from all the lectures is wonderful thanks.

  2. Juliet Mbaeyi

    Thank you for the reviews. I learnt new things from the review.

  3. Nelma R. (verified owner)

    The review was detailed, concise and comprehensive.

  4. Jema (verified owner)

    Everything is Perfect, very helpful for me.

  5. Cindy Barrales

    The course was great and the instructors were very thorough in each course!

  6. Anne (verified owner)

    You did a great job to help us. Next month i will be taking my nclex, I’m sure i will pass with the help of Feuer! 👍❤️🙏🏻

  7. Gladialie

    Things that I did not understand in nursing school…and now I get it ..Thank you

  8. Concepta Onchagwa

    Everthing is perfect!

  9. Daniel T Sackey

    It was a good four days of review and a lot of learning and question answering experience.

  10. Arshley Pierre

    you guys are the best

  11. G

    I couldn’t get how to do any of the dosage and calculations problems since nursing school….I finally understand it in that short amount of time…Thank you

  12. Ethel Rochez (verified owner)

    You guys are great.

  13. Monalisa Dupiton

    It was well put together

  14. Olapemi Obolanle (verified owner)

    Keep it up

  15. Marie Ange Isidor Accede

    Maybe one week instead of 3 days, so we could’ve also had a lecture in pediatric and maternity too. Nevertheless, all the lectures were still great.

  16. Veronica Morales-Garcia (verified owner)

    The course is great. I have been given great tips on how to tackle the questions.

  17. Sherlene Ramnauth (verified owner)

    The course was overall motivated and very informative. I am going to utilize all the tips and strategies that was given. I gained more knowledge and I am going to apply it to be the future RN. Thank you.

  18. Sharon Neath (verified owner)

    This is my second review with you, I first did your review in 2007 for my PN and pass on my first trial at the NCLEX, I’m trusting it will be the same now for the RN. I must say you have maintained great clarity and concise information, I would recommend your review to everyone, you and your team continue to do the fantastic job you all are doing. I have no complaints. God Bless.

  19. Amelia

    overall is good

  20. Marceline Burnett-Lewin

    Your review course is exceptional. Thank you

  21. Cory Magnuson (verified owner)

    So far it’s good the way it is presented.

  22. Marsille Debrosse (verified owner)

    I like the interaction

  23. Mela Coutier

    Nice Concept throughout the Review. love , Love everything in the book. Thanks for your patience and how you explain and went in details. I passed already. I believe. #Feuernurse.

  24. Mitzie Murray

    This review is excellent 100% helpful to me


    Thank you. I learned a lot. I know it will help me pass my exam.

  26. Erica Hartley (verified owner)

    This review is very helpful to me because it help me to focus on areas that I’m weak in and how to answer question easily without going outside the question itself. The lectures are straight to the point and very informative. Thank you Miss Feuer and your team for your dedication to helping nurses to Pass the NCLEX. I will highly recommend you to my fellow classmates. Thank you once again 100%.

  27. Mary Catherine Taddei

    But overall this course is better than any review I have done, and I have done 4 Kaplan review courses and used a few UWorld question banks. Wonderful comprehensive & detailed Med-Surg & test taking skills reviews. Great test taking tips as well. Would highly recommend.

  28. Marie Blanchard

    I love the presentation and it’s very informative. I’m a very visual learner so the only thing I don’t really like is the virtual but you guys make it go very smooth.

  29. Katherine Lozado (verified owner)

    This course is very helpful, the way its broken down by days and subjects is great.

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