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Answers to some of your most frequently asked questions

Int'l Nurses

At Feuer Nursing Review we specialize in training for international nurses. As a matter of fact, our President Angelica Feuer started her nursing career in Chile.

We have prepared a list of questions you might be asking to help you clear any confusion. Feel free to contact us directly if you have a question that is not answered below.

What are the educational requirements to become an RN/LPN in the U.S.?

There are three general requirements:

  1. You need to have completed nursing school from an accredited nursing program.
  2. Being a licensed RN/LPN.
  3. Having practiced as an RN for at least 2 years.

Can I work as a registered nurse in the U.S. without any previous working experience?

If you have not worked for a minimum of two years after you have graduated from your nursing school, most state boards will not license you until you complete an FEN (Foreign Educated Nurses) refresher course. You need to check with the Board of Nursing (BON) of the state where you are planning to work to verify if the course is required.

What does an FEN refresher course consist of?

You can find a Foreign Educated Nurses review course through an online search.

How can I find an FEN refresher course?

You can find a Foreign Educated Nurses review course through an online search.

Will I need to pass an English test?

Depending on which country you are from, you will be required to take one of the following tests:

  1. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) *Most commonly required
  2. TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication)
  3. IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

What is the purpose of the TOEFL exam?

This test is used as an evaluation of English proficiency and readiness for academic programs. You can visit www.TOEFL.org for more information.

Is there any chance I might be excused from taking the English exam?

You may be excused from taking the TOEFL exam if satisfy the following:

  1. You attended nursing school in the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Canada (except Quebec) or the Republic of Ireland.
  2. The spoken language of your nursing school was English
  3. Your nursing school textbooks were written in English

What steps do I need to take to get my nursing license in the U.S.?

Step 1: Contact the BON of the state you want to practice to find out requirements and specific documents needed. These requirements vary state by state.
Request an application packet for licensure for nurses trained outside the U.S.
Step 2: Complete the Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) request form through the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS). Visit www.CGFNS.org to download the form.
Step 3: Pass the TOEFL exam (if required).
Step 4: Submit your complete application (from step 1) to the Board of Nursing.
Step 5: The BON will determine your eligibility to take the NCLEX RN/LPN exam once all required documents are reviewed (CGFNS report, TOEFL test results and completed application packet).
Step 6: Register and pay $200 with Pearson VUE via the internet, telephone or regular mail. You will receive an Authorization to Test (ATT) by email or regular mail.
Step 7: Schedule the date and location of your NCLEX exam. If for any reason you cannot attend your scheduled date of exam, you will be required to reregister without a refund.
Note: The name with which you register for the test will be printed on your authorization to test (ATT) and must match the name on your identification you bring to the Pearson Center.

Do I need to take an NCLEX preparation course before registering for my NCLEX exam?

It is highly recommended that you take a comprehensive NCLEX review course that will address you learning style and needs to increase your chances of passing the exam.

What documents do I need to get an RN immigrant visa green card?

To get an RN immigrant visa card you will need evidence of a US based employer who will be the petitioner (I.e. A Hospital or recruiting agency) and a Visa Screen Certificate (VSC) by the international commission on Health Care Professionals (ICHP)

International and Foreign Trained Nurses

Feuer Nursing Review has long history of helping international and foreign trained nurses pass the NCLEX. Angelica Feuer, President of FNR is herself a nurse who studied in Chile then took a Feuer review with Helen Feuer to help her obtain her RN license!

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