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Gain the Knowledge, Skills, and Confidence You Need to Pass the NCLEX

  • Interact with presenters through zoom by chatting and asking questions.
  • Presenters can respond to participants in real-time.
  • Connect with other students via chat.
  • Join the live webinar from anywhere in the world.
  • Rewatch recordings to reinforce content.
  • Increase your comprehension and retention with 3 printed study books.
  • Focus your studies with an effective study plan.
  • Apply knowledge to Nursing practice with 2100+ QBank
  • Certificate of Completion (Upon Request)

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Next Class: September 7 to 10, 2024


Study on Your Own Time and Pace the Essential Concepts, Test-taking Strategies, and Practice Questions to Conquer the NCLEX

  • Take control of your own time and pace of learning.
  • Decrease your test anxiety.
  • Balance between work, life, and NCLEX preparation.
  • Review the most frequently asked content for Medical- Surgical, Pharmacology, Maternity-Newborn, Pediatrics, and
    Psychiatric Nursing.
  • Apply knowledge to Nursing practice with 2100+ QBank
  • Downloadable Study Materials
  • Certificate of Completion (Upon Request)



Focus on the Essential Concepts and Principles for Safe Nursing Practice That You Need to Know to Pass the NCLEX

  • Simple and concise information used as a one stop study resource.
  • Make your comprehension and retention quick and easy.
  • Cover all essential NCLEX topics.
  • Offer affordable NCLEX test preparation.
  • Boost your NCLEX confidence.
  • Study on-the-go.

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Which NCLEX® Course is Perfect for You?

Perfect for recent graduates, working professionals, internationally educated nurses, or remote learners.

Perfect for recent graduates, working professionals, international educated nurses, or remote learners

Perfect for travelers, adult learners, working student, or international educated nurses

Perfect for visual learners, less tech-savvy students, or students with limited online access

"I took my NCLEX on February 19th, 2022, and I wanted to share my excitement that I have officially passed!! It has been a long journey for me as a 2nd time test taker of the exam. Had it not been for your comprehensive course, I don’t think I would have passed. I passed after taking all 145 questions. My mother from the Philippines who is currently still a nurse took Feuer Nursing Review with Helen Feuer 30 years ago as an international nurse. She recommended Feuer Nursing Review to me, and now we have two nurses in the family all because of your review program. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help. I have a potential job lined up in Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City. I am currently still applying for and considering other positions!"

Blythe Gabayan, RN | Live Online Lecture + Online Course

"I am overwhelmed by Joy. I passed my NCLEX on my first sitting. I am an international Registered Nurse who just migrated to the United States. My mother in-law is a nurse too and did your course 30 years back. She recommended you to me and even though I was skeptical, it was the best thing I did for my NCLEX. Ms. Feuer, your lecturers are so good! You, Ms. Phyllis, Mr. Hanley and the Lady that did maternal and child health are National treasures. I finished in less than an hour with 75 questions. I don’t even know how to contain my joy. Thank you so much!!!!"

Agbaku, RN | Live Online Lecture + Online Course

"I graduated from Nursing School in Puerto Rico 10 years ago and worked there for several years. About 5 years ago I moved to Massachusetts and worked as a CNA. During that time I tried to pass the NCLEX several times using books and several other review courses. Nothing worked. Until one day, a friend of a friend recommended Feuer Nursing Review and I decided to give it a try. This was my third time taking the test. I liked the way the Feuer course clearly explained the content and the way the course was organized. Thanks, Feuer Nursing Review for your excellent course and helping me get my license."

Darilis Neifa, RN | Live Online Lecture + Online Course

"Studying for the NCLEX was definitely a challenge especially going through this year dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. I took my NCLEX prior to taking the Feuer review and was unsuccessful.

I had taken many other review courses as well but what sticks out to me is that the professors from the review course really motivate you and teach you test taking strategies that you NEED TO KNOW.

Recently I had retaken my NCLEX and trust me there is no better feeling to that when you see your results and you see PASS. Feuer makes passing the NCLEX possible it's just up to you to put the work in.

I would like to thank the entire team at Feuer especially Angelica for helping me pass and now I'm officially a registered nurse!"

Ravindra S., RN | Live Online Lecture + Online Course

"My name is Rosalee. I have been on an NCLEX journey for many months. I graduated in January of 2019; we are now in the month of December 2020. I am happy to report that I finally passed the NCLEX exam on November 19, 2020. Calculating the months, you can see that this is a long time. I am writing this review because, I have done all and studied all. I felt hopeless. However, with determination and a drive to become a RN, I found the advertisement for Feuer Nursing review and I signed up.

I bought the bundle package and studied for 4 months every day. Often times, I treat myself to a weekend off but not too often, I was determined to pass. I like the audios that Feuer offers, when I forget something I have the opportunity to go back and replay and retake the practice questions. When I sat for the NCLEX, I finally felt confident. I was able to answer the questions.

Most of my exam was SATA, with skills and prioritization, I can finally say after three failures, I passed on the 4th try. I put the time in and I got the results. The Feuer review is great, the rationales are relevant and not overwhelming, I have tried other reviews and failed, this one was a winner. I am a proud Registered Nurse and moving onwards in my new career."

Rosalee, RN | Ultimate Self-Study Bundle

"I had taken the RN nclex Nov 19, 2020 and failed. Then I took the RN nclex Feuer review and passed on Jan 12, 2021. I attended the 4 day review and listened to the review for 2 weeks. I also reviewed the detailed video educational system they offered complementary. The live review was instructed by experienced and educated individuals that allowed for questions.

The program included content, questions and clinical review - a complete organized review! I had attended, my schools capstone program, reviewed mark Klimek’s notes and MK tutoring x2 as well as watching the videos from the Kaplan’s 30 day trial. I studied quizlet u world 🌎 for both fundamentals and general.

My choice would have just focused on Feuer - do all the questions - over 2000, watch all videos and attend the comprehensive online 4 day review then follow the success plan they have for you! Write down the question unknown and retake the quizzes with confidence - and pass! I would highly recommend the books offered in the course they followed the program for extra remediation. I checked off the pages I knew and marked up the book until I knew it all! It’s in big print which was easy reading and allowed for quick confident building learning, in my opinion.

Also included in the program was a detailed study 📚 plan of which I did on an accelerated basis - this gave me confidence and kept me focused on the goal of passing! I was able to pass the nclex within 30 days after the completing the review, questions and videos."

Ann M., RN | Live Online Lecture + Online Course

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