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Dr. Helen Feuer

Our story began with Helen Feuer who worked her way through an Associate degree, BSN, MSN and PhD in Nursing Education, all while raising two children.In 1971, after teaching for several years, Dr. Feuer felt that students needed an alternative review for the NCLEX; a review course that combined mastery of nursing content with a learning environment that was personalized, dynamic, and motivating. Dr. Feuer and her partner worked diligently for many years, constantly improving the review course. The Feuer Nursing Review L.L.C. (FNR) was given in New York, Florida, Texas, California, Washington D.C., and Illinois. Many students passed their exam on the first try after reviewing with FNR and she gained a following of loyal nurses in the Philippines and Caribbean.

About Us

After 20 years of success, Dr. Feuer passed the helm to Angelica Feuer, her daughter-in-law. Angelica, an internationally educated nurse and teacher, worked side by side with Dr. Feuer and was determined to continue and enhance the Feuer legacy.

Angelica Feuer RN, BSN, MSN

My name is Angelica Feuer. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from a university in Chile in 1980. There were no nursing jobs available, so I decided to come to the United States. The first time I took the NCLEX, I studied on my own and failed. I was devastated and deeply embarrassed. My father was very supportive, and encouraged me to try again and not give up.

In 1981, a good friend recommended that I take the review course that helped her pass the test. That was Feuer Nursing Review. At first, I was hesitant, and had doubts if this course would really help me pass the test. It ended up being one of the best decisions in my life and a smart investment. Helen’s teaching methods were easy to understand, fun, and effective.

Her knowledge, experience, and teaching style made me feel confident about how to study for this challenging exam. Thanks to Feuer Nursing Review, I was able to pass the exam. The review course was worth every penny.

After years of working as a nurse and later as a nursing instructor, I joined Helen’s company. She taught me everything she knew about her teaching methods and style. When she retired, I became the owner and I am privileged to continue her tradition of excellence by helping nurses pass the NCLEX exam.

I am especially proud of our teaching staff. They have many years of clinical and teaching experience. They have what it takes to connect and motivate our students. This special connection and bond plays a major role in helping students relieve their test anxiety and build their self-confidence.

Today, we continue to give the most thorough and comprehensive NCLEX review program. I hope you take the same chance I did in 1981 and try our review. I am confident we can help you pass and fulfill your dream of working as a nurse!

About Us

“Our goal is to positively impact each and every student that takes our course. Our role is to help students fulfill their dream of becoming a nurse and we take that role very seriously.” – Angelica Feuer

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