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Our Mission

Our mission is to help repeat test-takers and foreign-trained nurses pass the NCLEX®-RN/LPN exam.

Our comprehensive content-based review course is designed to decrease test anxiety, instill self-confidence, and consistently deliver great results. We strive to empower Nursing students from diverse backgrounds to overcome their obstacles and reach their potential.

50+ years of NCLEX test preparation has shown us the main reasons most students fail the NCLEX


#1 They do not have a solid foundation of nursing knowledge


#2 They misunderstand the question


#3 They waste time trying to memorize everything


#4 They don’t know how to apply content to nursing practice

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Live Course Benefits

  • Reduce Test Anxiety. Students will be familiar with NCLEX’s unique format and questions.,
  • Consolidate Large Amounts of Content and Focus on Essential Concepts.
  • Manage Your Time Effectively.
  • Foster Critical Thinking Skills. Students preparing for the NCLEX need to apply clinical judgment skills, analyze clinical scenarios, and make sound nursing decisions.
  • Identify Knowledge Gaps and reinforce what students have already learned in Nursing school.
  • Gain Confidence and Improve Test Performance with a proven study program.


  • Convenience: There is no need to travel. You could study from the comfort of your home.
  • Flexibility: Study content and practice questions at your own pace.
  • Accessibility: Access content anytime and anywhere with internet access across multiple devices.
  • Time Management: Maximize your study time with an effective study plan

Our NCLEX® Curriculum

Feuer's Success Stories

How You Can Pass The NCLEX Test

Remember, the NCLEX is a challenging test that you can pass with:

  • A Positive Mindset

  • Right NCLEX Review Course

  • Commitment

  • A Belief In Yourself

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