Next-Gen NCLEX-RN® (NGN-RN®)


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Upcoming Class:

June 15 to 18, 2024

(9:00 AM EST to 5:00 PM EST) via Zoom Webinar

Experience Feuer's Live Review from the Comfort of Your Home

4 Days Live Online Review with Lecture Books & 2 Months of Self-Study


Day 1 & 2 Medical-Surgical Nursing

Day 3 Pharmacology

Day 4 Test Taking Strategies

2-month access to the Self-Paced Online Course and Live Class Recordings

NEW! 30-day and 60-day Study Calendars

NEW! NCLEX-RN Q-bank with 2,100 NCLEX-style questions with Answers & Rationales


Compliant with 2023-2026 NCLEX® Test Plan: A newly updated course with Next-Gen NCLEX® (NGN) unfolding case studies and standalone questions.

Knowledge Base: A solid Nursing Curriculum builds a strong foundation that enables you to answer any NCLEX style of question.

Clear & Concise: Brief and simple explanation of basic and advanced concepts of nursing.

Organization: Break down content into manageable sections.

Analysis: Review practice questions with answers and rationales. Have an in-depth live review of practice questions.

Engagement: Gain an opportunity to ask the instructor any questions or examples of the content being reviewed.

Upcoming Class Dates

  • June 15 to 18, 2024
  • July 27 to 30, 2024
  • September 7 to 10, 2024
  • October 12 to 15, 2024
  • December 7 to 10, 2024

Watch our Sample Videos!

Live Online Lecture NCLEX® Curriculum

Your NCLEX® Journey includes 2 Months of Online Course & Recordings, and a 60 Day Study Calendar to manage your time effectively!

60 Day NCLEX Study Plan

30 Day NCLEX Study Plan

Feuer NCLEX RN Live Zoom Class

Feuer Nursing Review has brought it's popular in person review class to your home! This live review via Zoom is the perfect hybrid for people who need the structure of a live class with the flexibility of the self-paced courses. You will get an in depth refresher on Medical Surgical Nursing, Pharmacology, and Test Taking Strategies. These are the most important topics that you will be answering questions on for the NCLEX. We will also send you 3 lecture hand-out books to follow along with the professor. You will also have the ability to ask questions to the professor and have those questions answered in real time.

Self-Paced Accesss Included

After the live class is over, you can continue studying on your own. Login to your account to access all the RN class videos, the RN Qbank, plus our Maternity, Pediatric Nursing, and Psychiatric Nursing Courses. Between the live lecture and the self-paced access, you will be fully prepared to pass the NCLEX!

Chay Doc
Chay Doc
Best program I could have purchased. I tried 2 programs before going with Feuer nursing. I did the self pace online lectures. I felt like I was back in class. I follwed the calendar as planned. The test after the lectures was great! I also did the 2 week course study session which helped me a lot. Feuer provides you with a hard copy book with bonus questions and more pertiant information. I applied this program along with what we used in school (ATI) for extra practice question it all worked out and I passed. Thank you Feuer Nursing and staff ❤
agbaku ngozi
agbaku ngozi
If you subscribe to Feur NCLEX nursing review and still fail NCLEx, I am sorry but you are probably irredeemable. Yeup! That’s how good they are. I passed in approximately an hour with 75questions, first time writing NCLEX and an international student. Make no mistakes, you attend the review and also put in your own hard work of studying the review.
The 4 day Live lectures were awesome as well as the lecture videos provided. The material was very organized and easy to follow. The test taking strategies were key on helping me pass the NCLEX.
josette jules
josette jules
Stick to the weekly questions. Review the rationale. Put god first. I passed . Today am an RN. Thank you Ms. Feuer for believing in me. Sending me weekly questions truly help. Glory to god.

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