Congratulations on taking the steps to becoming a nurse, one of the most rewarding professions with great financial and personal benefits. As you know, before you can become a nurse, you must earn your license and certification. Part of the process of earning certification is passing the NCLEX RN/LPN exam. The exam is a requirement that all potential nurses must pass in order to earn a state nursing license and be qualified to find a nursing job.

Passing the NCLEX exam can be difficult if you are not a native English speaker and are unfamiliar with the exam structure. Many candidates from countries and regions like Nigeria, Philippines, Russia and the Caribbean find more challenges in passing the exam due to language and cultural differences.

Proper preparation for the NCLEX is essential to overcome these barriers. A properly prepared candidate, one who knows and understands the exam fully, can easily pass the NCLEX on her or his first try. Many nursing students seek out help to accomplish this goal. While your school of nursing or nursing training program may offer help, outside assistance can help you fully understand all the complexities of this challenging exam.

Feuer Nursing Review is a comprehensive review course that will help you do just that. The program has many years of experience helping nursing candidates fully prepare themselves for this rigorous licensing exam. The program helps to fill in the gaps in your knowledge that you may not even be aware of before taking the exam. Even the best nursing training programs may not fully provide candidates with the knowledge they need to pass the NCLEX.

Feuer Nursing Review provides each candidate with the focus needed to understand the exam questions as well as applying strategies to answer them correctly. Staff members help you develop an effective study plan that will make passing this exam as easy as possible in far less time that you ever imagined. With the knowledge that Feuer Nursing Review provides, any nursing candidate will feel more confident knowing that she or he has the tools needed to pass this exam.

Feuer Nursing Review can help make your dream of a rewarding career in nursing a wonderful reality.

Congratulations! Graduating from nursing school is a thrilling milestone to reach! With your brand-new nursing education tucked under your belt, it’s time to face your next challenge: The NCLEX exam. Of course you know how important it is to prepare for the test, but where do you start? If you’re asking this question, don’t worry you’re not alone! Almost all new nursing graduates face the overwhelming task of selecting the right way to prepare for the NCLEX. With so many review options available, making a decision can be challenging. However, it doesn’t have to be! Here are some things to consider when selecting the right option for you.

While there are dozens of review books available, preparing for your NCLEX by only answering practice questions is simply not sufficient. While it certainly doesn’t hurt to supplement your test preparation with extra practice questions, the NCLEX is a test that measures the competencies needed to perform safely and effectively as a newly licensed entry-level nurse. Using a review book alone may not thoroughly prepare you for the broad range of questions covered by the test and test-taking techniques that are needed.

The best approach to prepare for the NCLEX is a comprehensive review program that combines the right content, practice questions and test-taking strategies. By combining each of these components and immersing students in “real-life” NCLEX test scenarios, students become increasingly comfortable and confident in their test-taking abilities and are better prepared for a successful result.

The Feuer Nursing Review NCLEX review programs provide all the tools needed to pass the NCLEX. We continually review and revise our prep course content and practice questions to make sure students are provided with the most up-to-date test preparation materials. Our exceptionally qualified faculty shares a passion for nursing and the statistics speak for themselves: over 90% of our students pass the NCLEX the first time they take it!

At Feuer Nursing Review, we understand how intimidating and overwhelming the NCLEX exams can be. Our review programs will help you feel confident with both the content and the format of the exam. Contact us to get started on your road to success.

“Life is full of setbacks; success is determined by how you handle them.”

I saw this quote by an unknown author last night on an elevator and wanted to share it with my nursing students who may be struggling with the NCLEX Exam.  The fact is that over 53% of Repeat, U.S. educated nursing students failed their NCLEX-RN Exams in the January – September 2014 period. These statistics come from NCSBN. Regarding the Repeat, Internationally Educated nursing students, only 17.77% passed in the January – September 2014 period. What this means is that over 16,990 Repeat, U.S. Educated, and over 7,700 Repeat, Internationally Educated nursing students are struggling, along with you to pass their NCLEX-RN Exam1.

I recently received an email from a former student who completed my review course a couple of months ago. I instantly recognized her name because I remember that when she arrived at the live review course on the first day she seemed extremely discouraged, to the point of being devastated. She told me that she had already spent nearly a thousand dollars, between registration fees and review courses, without passing her NCLEX Exam.

She had taken a live review course from a well-known nursing institution and had tried an online course. After failing twice she began to doubt herself, wondering if she just didn’t have the brainpower to pass this “monster of an exam” (her exact words). At this point she was depressed, feeling hopeless and ready to just give up on her dreams of becoming a Registered Nurse. That is when a co-worker of hers offered her encouragement, saying, “Give yourself one more try. Third time is a charm, you know!” Somehow she mustered the inner strength to show up at my review course at the suggestion of her co-worker, to give it that third shot.

Today she is able to proudly sign LPN and RN after her name. She thanked me for providing her with just the right tools to pass the NCLEX Exam. I thanked her for not giving up on herself and for continuing to believe she could do it. Many students struggle to pass the NCLEX Exam for any number of reasons: language barrier, cultural background, lack of fully understanding the essential content, poor test taking strategies, inability to overcome test taking anxiety and many more. But if you do not persevere, you will never have an opportunity to succeed.

The struggle you are in today and your ability to persevere will determine who you will become tomorrow. Do not wait until you’ve finally reached your goal to have pride in yourself. Be proud of every step you take in reaching that goal. As we discussed above, “Life is full of setbacks; success is determined by how you handle them”. Find the right resources, tools and professors to help you move ahead and achieve your goals. But above all else, believe in yourself.

1“NCSBN.” 2014 NCLEX Pass Rates. N.p., n.d. Web Nov. 2014.

 Angelica Feuer, President at Feuer Nursing Review

Image featuring a diverse group of nurses

For nursing professionals, social media can be a wonderful tool used to connect with fellow nurses, mentors, and other healthcare professionals to collaborate, share ideas, conduct research, and more. However, combining both professional and personal aspects of your life can also result with severe consequences if not approached carefully. Social media essentially puts one’s social life on display, and is especially important for nursing professionals to keep in mind at all times due to the personal nature of the profession.

Confidentiality is Crucial

emphasizing confidentiality is crucial.

Working as a medical professional means working with the personal health issues of all different types of patients, which is information that needs to be kept private at all times. In the past few years alone, there have been many issues across the nation in which nurses have discussed their patients on their social networks and even posted photos of them. This is a major violation of patients’ privacy and confidentiality, and is also against the law. Violating these laws can lead to fines, being sued, and even jail time.

Representing Employers

group of professionals in an office

Not only do nursing professionals have an immense amount of trust instilled in them by patients, but they are also direct representatives of their employers. While social media is known to be home to controversial posts, nursing professionals need to keep in mind that partaking in questionable behavior on social networking sites can reflect poorly on their employer. This in turn can be grounds for termination.

Using Social Media Responsibly

young adults engaged in meaningful online discussions,

The majority of employers of nursing professionals actually have a social media policy, which provides their rules, regulations and expectations of employees. It is important for nursing professionals to get familiar with this policy to make sure they know the type of behavior that is expected from employers. Along with this, a good rule of thumb for nursing professionals is to always consider the fact that what they post is a direct reflection of them as a working professional. This means using good judgment before posting anything on social media.

How do you maintain your professional image using social media?