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Nursing is a great career choice that can be fulfilling and challenging, especially in the times we live in today. These unrecognized heroes have the opportunity to touch countless lives. For those that seek this profession, the NCLEX is a necessary step to get your Nursing license. If you have already taken the NCLEX and have yet to pass this challenging exam, do not worry. You are not alone as the complexities of the NCLEX-style questions lead many students to fail the test the first time. At Feuer Nursing Review, we want you to feel encouraged to try again with a different approach. Let us help you make your dreams of success a reality!

What Is Feuer Nursing Review?

Feuer Nursing Review is a comprehensive NCLEX®-RN/LPN review course. We have been helping thousands of students in getting their license since 1971. We have a range of options to help you learn in a way that fits your schedule. Live lectures, audio lectures, online courses, and stand-alone study books can assist you in preparing for this especially important exam. Utilizing our expertise for the NCLEX will help you be better prepared for the test than simply studying on your own.

Benefits of Feuer Nursing Review

Clarity – Going it alone for the NCLEX can leave you feeling as if you are missing something and truthfully, unless you are using Feuer Nursing Review, you are. We provide clear explanations of content and its applications to nursing practice to help you better understand the concept rather than simply memorizing monotonous facts.

Knowledge Base – At Feuer Nursing Review, you are not merely using a standard study style for the NCLEX, but a comprehensive curriculum proven to build a strong foundation on which to build knowledge. This enables you to study more efficiently and effectively to pass the test.

Simplicity – Too many learning prep courses these days have an overly complicated system. With Feuer Nursing Review, content is broken down into smaller, easy to manage sections by our professors. We find that by breaking the curriculum down into sections ensures the student retains more of the knowledge being presented.

Time Management – Our study plan within our program are not meant to push the student to difficult levels, but rather help them manage time more efficiently. Smaller goals set throughout the program help you achieve more while keeping you on track for the duration of the program.

Study Plan – Our study plan helps you manage mental clutter and prioritize concepts necessary for review. With our schedule you will find that your test anxiety drastically reduces as we help you remain flexible while learning all you need to know for the NCLEX.

Flexibility – With Feuer Nursing Review, you have the ability to study at your own pace making it easier than ever before to gain knowledge while keeping up with your routine.

Accessibility – Accessibility is easy with Feuer Nursing Review as we provide the ability to connect and learn from anywhere with a good internet connection.

Success Stories

At Feuer Nursing Review, we are not merely a company based on facts and figures, but proven results. We have many success stories dating back to 1971, but here are just three of them.


Camilla was on her third attempt at the NCLEX in Florida and failure of the exam in the state requires the student to enter into a remedial program, so Camilla was understandably nervous as she had already failed the NCLEX twice. However, a few weeks before the test, she decided to attend the Feuer Nursing Review. This time, Camilla passed thanks to the helpful hand of Feuer Nursing Review! We are proud to see what you will accomplish in the future Camilla!


Like Camilla, Nakeisha was on her third attempt at the NCLEX RN exam. Her two previous attempts were failures largely due to lack of a credible learning system. As Nakeisha had previously used other NCLEX prep courses, she had yet to try Feuer Nursing Review. Finally, Nakeisha had found an avenue to success through the focus on strategy and providing a secure foundation for quality learning. Nakeisha passed with 75 questions thanks to Feuer Nursing Review.


Many students fail the NCLEX time and time again. For Emmalyn, that failure began to take its toll when she failed not once or twice, but a total of 4 times before finding success. Feuer Nursing Review was the key that allowed Emmalyn to finally find success when she had all but given up hope. Studying with our system allowed Emmalyn to begin to understand the concepts and ultimately relax before the test secure in her knowledge of what she had learned. She encourages all students to believe in their dreams and even after countless failures, to never give up.

These are just a sampling of the many success stories we have at Feuer Nursing Review. Our proven system can help anyone pass the NCLEX no matter how many attempts you have made in the past. We want to see you succeed in your goals and ask you to give us a try. We believe in you and through our program, you will believe in yourself as well and pass the NCLEX once and for all. 9 out 10 former students were referred to Feuer Nursing Review by a family member, friend, or coworker who took our review course and passed the test. Contact Feuer Nursing Review and get started on your road to NCLEX success!